Michael Dell needs to follow jkOnTheRun

DellmobilegrowthMichael Dell is no doubt a busy guy, being CEO of Dell and all.  A recent interview he gave Reuters shows how he needs to put jkOnTheRun in his feeds to make a better use of his busy work schedule.

"The transition to notebooks, mobility has been faster than even the esteemedanalysts at Gartner predicted," Dell said at a conference organized bytechnology research firm Gartner.
"I think it’s going to continue," Dell said. "The other X factor in this –emerging markets have been going to mobile at a faster rate than anyoneanticipated, and you have also this global boom in the economy, particularly outof the U.S., fueled by small business and consumers who are gobbling upnotebooks, so a big priority for us and a big change in how the market isshaped," he said.

Mr. Dell, haven’t you been paying attention to what we’ve been saying for almost four years?  Mobile technology is here to stay, and it’s getting bigger all the time.  Get that Dell Tablet PC released and while you’re at it jump into the UMPC fray.  It’s the future of computing as you’re just now figuring out.  Stick with us, we’ll guide you through it.

(via I4U)


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