Groupcal synchronizes Exchange calendar with iCal



My quest for Exchange to iPhone calendar synching without Outlook continues and the most promising find yet is Groupcal from Snerdware. The application isn’t cheap at $54.95 a license, but if works as promised, I’d consider the out-of-pocket expense. Groupcal is geared for enterprises that run an Exchange server, but have Apple iCal clients. I downloaded the trial last night and got Groupcal to see my hosted Exchange server but alas: it currently only supports Exchange Server 2000 and 2003. My provider has recently migrated to Exchange 2007 which Groupcal noticed and informed me that I’m outta luck.

Others looking for a pure Mac iCal or iPhone solution might consider the free trial. When combined with Spanning Sync or another third party app, Groupcal might get appointments from Exchange into Google Calendar as well. Meanwhile, it’s back to the drawing board for me unless there are more rumors floating that Apple is licensing ActiveSync from Microsoft.



I would not pay for Groupcal. Groupcal sucks. The app is flaky at best and does not work well with all Exchange configurations. I’ve abandoned it totally in favor of Entourage natively on the Mac for calendaring only…

Kevin C. Tofel

Same issues here with Entourage bobm, so I’ve abandoned it. I was running Outlook 2007 in Parallels, but now I’m simply using OWA. My Exchange provider offers IMAP support, so I don’t have to do anything special to get my e-mail to the iPhone over the air. Just wish I could get my appointments…


I’ve been using Groupcal for a couple months now and am happy with how it works.

The Exchange folks here seem to have a non-standard OWA setup and the Groupcal folks got me a patch to make it work, I wish I could say the same for Entourage, you know, the product that Microsoft makes to use as an Outlook type product but in OS X?

I can’t get Entourage to work through OWA or using the VPN setup, it’s one of the few reasons for having to virtualize XP on my macbook.

To get email to my iPhone I set up a rule in Outlook to forward mail to my yahoo account which then pushes to the iPhone, this works well enough for what I need to do.

Kevin C. Tofel

Sure did, but I’m looking for a non-Windows solution. Currently synching my iPhone to a PC, but would prefer to sync it to a Mac.

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