Gefen’s Wireless USB 2.0 Extender: what’s the lack of cable clutter worth?



The promise of peripherals without cables is coming but it sure isn’t cheap. Take Gefen’s new four port, Wireless USB 2.0 Extender, for example. I was drooling when I got the product info in my e-mail: supports four USB devices, a range of up to 100-feet, connection speeds at 54 Mbps, supports XP, Vista, UNIX, Linux, Mac. Then I saw the price: $399 for the luxury. Now, I haven’t used the product yet so I could change my mind if I get some playtime with it. But $400 to remove some cable clutter seems a bit much to me. Oh it’s right in line with competing products, so I’m not strictly pointing out Gefen here but still. As it is now, I hang a  320 GB USB drive and a USB printer off of and existing route, so I’m pretty set. Is it me on a tight full-time blogger budget or is this type of product worth several hundreds of dollars to you?



Definitely not just you, Kev. I think wireless USB is a step forward, but it isn’t worth $400 to me. Most of my USB peripherals are only useful if they are near me and my computer (scanner, keyboard & mouse, CD burner) and I use just one cable to connect to them via a hub. My printer and external hard drive are on the network and accessible via wifi. That just leaves my standalone devices that sync via USB, like my iPod and camera, but they’re normally near me and my computer anyway.

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