Gefen’s Wireless USB 2.0 Extender: what’s the lack of cable clutter worth?


The promise of peripherals without cables is coming but it sure isn’t cheap. Take Gefen’s new four port, Wireless USB 2.0 Extender, for example. I was drooling when I got the product info in my e-mail: supports four USB devices, a range of up to 100-feet, connection speeds at 54 Mbps, supports XP, Vista, UNIX, Linux, Mac. Then I saw the price: $399 for the luxury. Now, I haven’t used the product yet so I could change my mind if I get some playtime with it. But $400 to remove some cable clutter seems a bit much to me. Oh it’s right in line with competing products, so I’m not strictly pointing out Gefen here but still. As it is now, I hang a  320 GB USB drive and a USB printer off of and existing route, so I’m pretty set. Is it me on a tight full-time blogger budget or is this type of product worth several hundreds of dollars to you?


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