Coffee Break- working fast and efficient


Coffee_manToday is drop-dead gorgeous in Houston, Texas.  It is 72 degrees with a cloudless blue sky and perfect convertible weather.  I am fortunate to be sitting in my local Starbucks outside on the terrace and it is the perfect day for some outside work.  I am using the HP 2710p with the brightness at 75% and can see the screen perfectly for those who are asking about the outdoor usage possibility of the 2710p.  When I first arrived at the coffee shop I got my triple-venti-sugarfree-vanilla-dry-cappuccino as usual and sat down in one of the comfy chairs inside.  I pulled the 2710p out of my backpack and in 3 seconds was happily working in slate mode using the pen.  I did this for a while when it hit me I should be sitting outside on such a nice day so I went into Sleep mode (2 seconds), put the Tablet in my bag and moved outside.

Once at the table I pulled it back out of the bag, powered it on (3seconds) and rotated the screen around into laptop mode for someserious typing.  I did all of this without thinking because I havebeen enjoying an efficient mobile work style for such a long time thatit doesn’t impress me anymore, at least not unless something happens tomake me think about it.  That very thing happened as a regular at thelocal Starbucks came outside and sat down at my table.  I see him hereat the ‘Bucks often as he works here a lot while he’s out and about.The first thing he said to me was that he is impressed with howefficiently and quickly I get to work when he sees me in the shop.  Hewent on to expound that he’s seen me with numerous different devices,from various Tablet PCs to the Nokia N800 and HTC Advantage, and thatno matter what I am carrying on a particular day I pull it out of mybag and get working within seconds of sitting down.

He also is impressed that no matter what tool I am using that he seesme working diligently each time and that he can tell I get a lot donein a short period and then get on with my day.  He admitted he is veryenvious with my ability to do this and is analyzing his own tools toget to that point too.  I must admit that this got me to thinking abouthow I integrate my tools into my work and he is right.  I always usethe tool, hardware or software, that makes it simple and thus quick forme to get on with the business at hand and get the most done in a shorttime.  If I am using the Nokia N800 or the Advantage I use a portablekeyboard so I can touch type at full speed if that is called for.  If I am using aconvertible Tablet PC then I use the slate when it makes the most sensebut I quickly flip it into notebook mode when I need to get some heavylifting (writing) done.  The key for me is to not get tied into amindset that there is only one way to do something, the truth is farfrom that.  No, the key is to choose the right tool and then getfamiliar enough with it that you can settle into the proper way to useit for the task at hand.  Like I am doing now with the 2710p in laptopmode.  The task should be the driver, not the tools.


John in Norway

I woke up this morning to find everything outside was white! Haven’t put the winter tyres on the car yet so SHE had to get the bus to work.


Hi James: nice post. True enough, the right combination of tools will help you get the job done effectively and efficiently. It does sound like the 2710P is doing it for you (although I think the triple venti… is also helping).

Keep up the good [blogging] work and keep us in the loop with our views on optimizing the use of multiple devices.

And we do need to get together for a “sit down with the toys” in Houston soon. Just give me a couple of days of lead time to jump on a plane. Especially now with the nice weather… Miami ain’t too bad today either :-)


Austin is just about perfect today too, and yesterday for that matter. I work at home a lot, so working in short walks and fersh air consumption has been superb last couple of days :)

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