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Apple Launches iPhone Web Apps Directory

As the company has with its Dashboard widgets page on, Apple introduced a new directory for Web applications compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, announced through the company’s Hot News page (deemed by many to be Apple’s quasi-blog).

As anticipated by AppleInsider and others, the directory includes icons, screenshots, and short descriptions of the applications. Many, including applications from Facebook, SmugMug and Digg, are labeled as “Staff Picks”.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, Apple encourages you to visit on your iphone or iPod touch, browse the library, and bookmark the web apps you enjoy.

2 Responses to “Apple Launches iPhone Web Apps Directory”

  1. I’m not really put out not having native apps for the iPhone, since A) I’m currently locked in to Verizon without an iPhone yet, and B) I own real computer for real apps.

    I think Apple’s strategy of only web apps is understandable, at least for the time being while they establish themselves in this market.

    I do think the Apple webapps page lacks some flare, especially on the iPhone.

    There are already several similar compendiums, e.g., iPhone Application List; and many more that allow you to catalog your favorite sites, e.g. AppMarks.

    I run a site that links to 11 of the best phone apps,

    I also run a site with more than a dozen useful searches that aims to be the best phone page,