Court Clears Way for Mobile-Phone-Unlocking Lawsuit Against T-Mobile


The US Supreme Court has refused to review two lower-court decisions that allowed a class-action lawsuit against T-Mobile. The lawsuit will now go ahead, and “if the T-Mobile lawsuit is successful, the outcome could require cell phone carriers, at least in California, to unlock cell phones upon a customer’s request” reports Wired. If the lawsuit is successful the most likely result is more expensive handsets, but it could also result in a sliding scale of termination fees so people pay less to terminate a contract the longer they stay with the phone company. Interestingly, T-Mobile try to prevent just this sort of thing with its terms of service, which “requires aggrieved customers to submit to binding arbitration before a neutral mediator. T-Mobile said the service agreement also bars them from filing class-action lawsuits”. It seems the document doesn’t give them godlike powers after all.

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