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Vid-Biz: Castfire, Blinkx, Sony, Red Dwarf

Castfire Partners with Next New Networks; the video publishing tool maker and ad network will add content from the videoblog publisher, starting with comic book podcast Pulp Secret. (Read Write Web)

Blinkx Creates its own Ad Tool; service will renumerate consumers who embed clips on blogs and other web pages, will split revenue with users 50/50. This comes on the heels of YouTube’s ad announcement earlier this week.) (Dow Jones)

Sony Signs More Content for BRAVIA; CondéNet, Sports Illustrated, and Sony Pictures will have Internet channels available through BRAVIA Internet Video Link Service. (release)

Red Dwarf Moves to Mobile; nothing smeggy here as animated mobisodes of the cult sci-fi comedy will be available in Europe and other territories starting Oct. 11. (release)

EnjoyMyMedia Launches Personal Broadcasting System; users can transmit unlimited pictures and video through Internet Channels that can be viewed through MyYahoo, iGoogle, AOL and more. (release)

Fierce IPTV Announces Top IPTV Innovators; Ayersville Telephone, Blue Valley Telephone and Canby Telecom top the list. (Fierce IPTV)

Belgacom and Nokia Siemens Extend IPTV Contract; the two companies will work together for another three years, plan to add high-definition to their IPTV portfolio of services. (emailed release)