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Zapak Targets 4-7 Years Olds With Zapak Tiny

Reliance ADA Group company Zapak has launched Zapak Tiny targeting 4 to 7 years olds with casual games. Rohit Sharma, COO of Zapak tells me that advertising to kids is becoming a big segment for the company – around 30 percent for their revenue is from the kids genre with advertisers like Cadburys and Parle. I noticed that the Zapak Tiny doesn’t require a login (I tried out a mario-like game); Sharma says that they don’t want to complicate things for kids. Don’t know why they haven’t redirected the domain which they have registered.

Interestingly, most of the content at Zapak Tiny is owned by the company – Sharma says they’re getting a lot of game development done internationally, outsourced. Why not in India? Because, he says, most companies here are doing low end, back end work. He says that in two months, they’ll have five times the content at Zapak Tiny- 30 percent from India, and 70 percent from outside. They’re mostly acquiring content from Europe and the US. In India, they’re getting development work done from Mobitrail and Saffronage, among others. The company has also begin promoting the site globally, because of which around 14 percent of their traffic is from US, Bangladesh, Nepal and the UAE, as opposed to just two percent until around three weeks ago.

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