Round-Up: O2/Endemol Continue Collaboration; Red Dwarf Mobisodes

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Endemol UK is producing a new drama for O2 called “Cell.” The thriller, to be broadcast in 20 two-minute segments, will first premier with the UK mobile operator in December, but Endemol says the two companies will also work on syndicating the series to other mobile operators in the UK and elsewhere, as well as online. Pasa Mustafa, digital content producer at Endemol UK:

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*Three quid per week* for a few clips from an old TV series! In three weeks you would have paid for a season box set on DVD (with a quid change), to watch as often as you like! In 8 weeks you'd have paid for a four season box set, and you could leave as many comments as you liked on any number of active web fan sites, with a proper keyboard and without being ripped off for every byte of data!

There may be significant human effort involved in repackaging the video for every device and there may be some cost for the bolt-on artificial community no-one asked for, but if the cost of all that adds up to a retail price of £3, it just proves that this sort fo thing is not (yet?) a viable product. That's why there are no mass market British car manufacturers any more. If the cost of purchasing one thing is vastly more than the cost of an equivalent which is higher quality, then the expensive version just isn't commercially viable.

So either Pitch need to cut their costs and prices dramatically, or they need to give up. I hope (and expect) that no-one will buy this, despite having fond memories of Red Dwarf, because only then will a viable commercial model appear in the mobile industry.

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