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Eros To Provide Movies And Music Videos To Joost

AIM listed Bollywood producer Eros International has signed a deal to provide over 200 movies and 600 music videos from its catalog to Joost, reports Business of Cinema. Joost had earlier inked a deal for content with Saavn, a content based community run by distributor BODVOD. As per Yvette Alberdingk Thijm, EVP (Content Strategy and Acquisition) for Joost, the Eros content will be available for free.

I installed Joost with the objective of searching for some Bollywood content, but couldn’t find any. Joost itself looks spiffy with excellent video quality; but quality has its own price – bandwidth. I tried watching the Onion News Network, but my 256kbps MTNL connection (yes, it’s working now) is clearly insufficient.

One Response to “Eros To Provide Movies And Music Videos To Joost”

  1. While I do share your woes(and choice of Internet provider), I believe this is Eros' attempt to foray into *foreign* markets where broadband is ….well…broad.

    You know what surprises me is that everyone's talking so much about global distribution(while conveniently forgetting markets like India..), and I *know* there's technology out there right now that can deliver content seamlessly in variable bandwidth scenarios. Move Networks comes to mind.

    Point is, we're online, here in India. On really crappy connections, yes, but we are online, nonetheless. And I think I'd be a very happy camper for a smooth 128 kbps video stream. Isn't that what stimulating markets is all about anyway…? Teasing, getting people hooked, and ready to pay for stronger/better/faster?