Sun Touts New Energy-Efficient Servers


Sun Microsystems (JAVA) today announced the first servers that deliver the compute power of up to 64 individual systems on a single server. The company says the performance is six times better, on a per-watt basis, vs. competing products.

The servers use Sun’s Solaris Operating System and virtualization technologies to help maximize the system. Warren Mootrey, senior director of volume SPARC systems products, told us that for server managers who do not want to switch to Sun’s operating system, the company will still offer a line of servers powered by quad-core Intel (INTC) Xeon processors.

Sun has been making a major effort recently to work on energy savings initiatives for its products, offices and data centers. The company even created, a community site for business and energy efficiency. Check out the actually compelling blog, written by Sun’s VP of Eco Responsibility David Douglas.

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