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YouTube+Overlay Ads+AdSense Network: Synergy Heaven

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So here goes Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) brilliant think-tank thinking: we own this thing called YouTube, and we tied up with these media companies to provide some bits and bobs for it, and oh, we also started putting some text overlay ads on YouTube videos. Oh wait, we also started these video ad units on Google AdSense partner sites which didn’t really take off. How about this: let’s combine all those, share the resulting fun. Synergy heaven. Yes, that is what the latest “innovation” from Google is.

Cynicism aside, some details:
— Only about 100 media companies that have created YouTube videos will be participating. Most of them are smaller content providers, such as Expert Village, a producer of how-to videos; Ford Models, a modeling agency; and Extreme Elements, which creates videos about extreme sports.
— The videos distributed through Google

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