Google SMS Launched In India


Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has gone the SMS way in India, launching the short code based Google SMS service. They’ve put up a simulation of the service. Services on offer include Local Search, Weather, Glossary, Movies, Q&A, Translation, Web Snippets, Calculator and Currency Conversion. Google is using the short code 54664 (5GOOG), and is currently offering local information for Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. SMS is priced at premium rates, and it is currently limited to five operators – Aircel, Airtel, BPL, BSNL, Reliance; no Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) yet. I tried it out the service via Airtel, and it appears to work fine. The issue with SMS based services is that users need to remember the syntax.

Google also has included personalization features, as per which a frequently queried location is saved as a users default location. Thus, if no location is specified in an SMS, Google returns results based on that location. Google also powers search on Airtel Live.



I have tried the Google SMS service in india. it's works for me. I have tried only once.



i have tried the new service launched by Google…. i think the search is working fine… yes there are a lilttle still refinement and depth to be looked after when a response is sent back to the user…. I think Google is working towards it… and the service willbecome better with time… i think its too early to comment on the over all service…..


I tried the sms search – currently it is pretty crappy.

i dont know if this is the same search google uses for US too – may be thats the reason google is not among top players in mobile searches in the US too…i think


i think you need to provide the city name for location for the initial few times for the system to learn your default location on SMS.

So Chak De saket should be chak de saket delhi.

Also is Local results only. Movies is not available on the web as yet, only on SMS. so movies gurgaon on SMS returns decent results.

I like the demo at – you can try out different queries w/o paying and yet see what you would have got on the phone.


after seeing what you guys said above, i tried chak de in gurgaon at various sites:

at – i see a movie, but i also see a line " Oops!! Sorry, there are no city search results for chak de in gurgaon. Please try doing the following – " i dont know whats going on there…

at – i tried chak de in gurgaon – i see this:

Chak De Resto Bar
M-84, Greater Kailash-II, Greater Kailash-Ii, Delhi, 110048 – 011 29213343

i just gave up on the thought of wasting my precious 3 bucks by trying out these searches on google sms search

also tried onyomo – anon/prashant – i agree with you, quite satisfied with the results – saw clear details of movie/theatre/show timings and some options to narrow down by show timings etc.. and there was a nice user review too..

on justdial – i just gave up after it led me to some 10 or so options where i got a bit clueless

for my movie search, i found the onyomo experience much better than others..


Well! I tried movies, gurgaon in the website to some weird results of Movies/ and Home Video/ Marriage video shops, that too from Delhi. Is the locals a xfer of locals-US technology in a SKD stage performing a a real unintelligent keyword match and being fed with a couple of YP listings providers, both basically being Adwords resellers.

Guruji is not moving beyond Infomedia, why would I go to them then, and rather use the Infomedia website!

Johnny Gaddar Gurgaon on 54664 showed no results….okay!!

PVR Delhi gives PVR Sonia as a result…I wonder if it is still called by that name! and duplicity in listings on the first page itself!


i tried the service… for hotels in saket – i got two results – one of marriott in saket, and the other one was some educational institute i had never heard of

for another search on movies – chak de saket – i got a result saying if i meant smet or something like that…

my experience with onyomo sms search has been much better

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