AT&T Buys Aloha’s Spectrum For $2.5 Billion; Aloha Exiting Out Of Mobile TV?


AT&T (NYSE: T) is buying the wireless airwave licenses of privately held Aloha Partners LP for about $2.5 billion…the licenses have coverage for a potential 196 million customers in 281 markets, including 72 of the top 100 U.S. markets in the 700-megahertz frequency band. This means Aloha, which announced some high-profile plans last year with HiWire DVB-H network, may have exited the mobile TV market, though that is not yet clear.

Aloha was trialling its HiWire DVB-H network in Las Vegas with partner T-Mobile USA…it was the remaining DVB-H player in the U.S. market following Crown Castle

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