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YouTube Vids to Be Syndicated through AdSense

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Google (GOOG) will continue to attempt to get a return on its YouTube investment by adding videos from the video-sharing site to AdSense units, according to multiple reports. AdSense is the company’s highly successful program of placing automated contextual ads on third-party sites.

Google already sells video ad units, but the difference is this new program will be open to YouTube publishers who wish to participate. Banner or overlaid ads will accompany each video, and the company will split revenue between site owners, content creators, and itself.

It’s unclear if all YouTube creators will be able to participate in the trial; to date, YouTube only shares its revenues with a hand-picked group of popular videomakers and professional partners. Only in August had the site started including advertising within its videos, launching new overlay units to add to existing sponsored video and banner ad options.

Update: Google writes in an emailed summary:

Google is working with select YouTube content partners including TV Guide Broadband, Expert Village, Mondo Media, lonelygirl15, Extreme Elements, and Ford Models to supply the video content.

Scott Kirsner reports in Variety,

[Google AdSense manager Christian] Oestlien says more than 100 of YouTube’s content providers are already participating in the program; content isn’t included without an OK, and content owners can prevent certain sites from showing their stuff.

Thanks to Marshall for the tip.

12 Responses to “YouTube Vids to Be Syndicated through AdSense”

  1. I read about this last week, but there is still no clear way to sign up as a site owner.

    This sounds like a great program. It will be interesting to see how the rev share breaks out. Revver currently gives site owners 20%. Adsense typically doesn’t disclose percentages, but considering they usually give contextualized ads anyway, the CPC is usually good anyway.

    The biggest thing here is this will help YouTube even more – site publishers will favor YouTube embeds versus other video sharing sites who don’t rev share at all.