Synch Your Google Calendar and Contacts with MS Outlook


If you’re a Microsoft Outlook user and a Google Calendar or GMail user (I use all three) did you know that you can synchronize your GMail Contacts and Google Calendar with Outlook, saving you from having to jump between multiple applications all the time? The process is very easy, and also free. In this post, I’ll provide instructions for how to do both tasks.

Synching Google Calendar with Outlook.
Although you can do it without getting help from a separate software application, the easiest way to synchronize your Google Calendar with Outlook is to use a slick piece of open source software called Remote Calendars. You can download it for free.

First, with Outlook closed, extract and run the Remote Calendars application, then open Outlook. You’ll have a new toolbar available with “RC” written in the background on it:

On the toolbar, click the plus sign, to subscribe to a non-Outlook calendar. Then open up a separate browser session and go to Click on the down arrow next to the calendar that you want to synch and choose Calendar Settings. Right-click on the ICAL icon and select either Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location.

Next, go back into Outlook and paste the URL into Remote Calendar’s URL prompt. Name your calendar, and you’re done. Whenever you want your Google Calendar information updated in Outlook, click on the second icon on the Remote Calendar application’s toolbar, which likes like the Refresh button in your web browser. That’s it! You can also use Remote Calendar to keep multiple Google Calendars synched with Outlook.

Synching GMail Contacts with Outlook. The easiest way to synch GMail Contacts with Outlook is to import your GMail Contacts file into Outlook. To export your Contacts file to a .CSV file, in GMail go to Contacts/All Contacts/Export/Outlook CSV/Export Contacts.

To import the .CSV file into Outlook, go to the File menu and choose Import from another program or file. Select CSV (Windows), Browse, Next, Contacts, Next and Finish. Very easy.

For many more tips on Microsoft Outlook, see my previous post.

Do you have any good tips on Google Calendar, GMail or Outlook?


Justin Oz

Time Waster. This is not syncing at all.
Dislike this post if there’s a button I can click on.

Ariel Di Stefano

We just launched KiGoo, a free tool that allows Google users to fully manage (create, read, update and delete) their Calendar and Contacts from MS Outlook.

Also KiGoo manage the Free Busy information of your Gmail contacts for appointments if they shared their FB status.

Currently we support Windows XP and office 2007.

You could download it from


Yeah, that is definitely $10 a year…. 30-day free trial sure but $10? a year? really?

Gwyn C

I’m looking for someone who can help me figure out why the files I export from my Lotus Notes calendar at work are unreadable by Google Calendar. I’ve tried every variation of formatting that Lotus Notes offers in its Export function, from CSV to structured to tabular to Lotus 1-2-3. My company has to be the last company left that uses Lotus Notes calendaring. Can anyone help? I can send you the export files for your review. If I could just figure out how to get the info into Google Calendar then I could get it into my cellphone and I’d have everything in one place. Needless to say, my corporate IT people refuse to help.

Bruno Braakhuis

I have exactly the same problem. We too still have Lotus Notes at work :-((
I am looking for a way to convert the exported csv file from Notes to a format of csv that Google can handle. Any clue?


i totally agree with VITAMINCM, plaxo is really great for this. I have plaxo sync with all my email address’s, calendars and task lists and now i can keep track of everything no matter where i am or what device im using be it my PC, Mac, PDA, blackberry etc.

Great APP!


You can use to do this and more. Yes, they used to be borderline spammers, but they have completely changed all that. You can use that account to keep Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. all in sync. It’s very handy. If you add a calendar appt. in one, it will be everywhere. This is great for keeping work and personal stuff in sync. TRUE SYNC.

M. Stewart

Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but importing your contacts from Gmail to Outlook isn’t exactly the same as synching.

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