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For Skype Founders, Video Is The Perfect Picture

Skype co-founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, alongside another key ex-Skyper Geoffrey Prentice and former investment banker Mattias Ljungman, are slowly and surely becoming big investors in European early-stage companies.

Their new VC fund, Atomico, is taking some of the gains they made from the sale of Skype and is actively investing in early-stage companies. And from a quick glance at their portfolio, it is clear they love startups and especially video.

Their most famous investment is Joost, a company also co-founded by Zennstrom and Friis. The Skype boys have also invested in video speed-dating company, WooMe, and, a content creation network based in Santa Monica (see our profile). They have also put money into Loic Le Meur’s startup, Seesmic (see our recent post). This information was confirmed by Niklas when I visited the Joost offices last week in London.

Niklas and his views on VCs, video and more will be part of a bigger story that I am going to publish on GigaOM later this week.

Update: We mistakenly included a company called ShangBy in an earlier version of this story, but it is not an Atomico investment.

11 Responses to “For Skype Founders, Video Is The Perfect Picture”

  1. “Video 1 Internet” seems to be the Holy Grail of more and more VCs and business angels thes days… Some investors are focused on the consumer experience and new services opportunities, some are more interested in empowering the IP network infrastructure to efficiently deliver rich video to consumers.

    Skype founders are right: there are so many things to do, and so many projects to launch!

  2. They sold Skype to eBay for close to $2.6 billion and got another $575 million, so that makes it close to $3.3 billion. A substantial portion of the company was owned by the the big three, though I don’t have any specifics.