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Dudes, It’s AAPL, Not APPL!

aapl_125I have a major pet peeve with people who constantly refer to Apple’s stock as “APPL” instead of its true stock ticker, “AAPL”. While it just might make more sense for it to be APPL, the truth is that it’s not. So when I see news media, stock promoters and others talk about whether Apple’s stock is too high, too low, or just right (to use Goldilocks terms…), and then follow it up with (NASDAQ: APPL), it drives me a little nutty. My feeling is that if you’re willing to spend over $160 a share on a stock, likely investing thousands of dollars, you should do a little research, and that starts with getting the stock ticker right.

And in case you think I’m reacting to isolated incidents, let me assure you I’m not.

For example:

Fox News: October 4
“…the Commonwealth Bank, has used the latest version of Apple’s (APPL) music player…”

CNN/Dow Jones: October 4
“…Paid downloads of Fox series also are available on Apple Inc.’s (APPL) iTunes…

CNBC: October 2
“I’ve made some serious fast money on some trades but haven’t pulled the trigger on some others. For example: Research In Motion (RIMM), NVIDIA (NVDA), EMC Corp (EMC), Blue Nile (NILE), & Apple (APPL)…”

Barrons: October 1
“That’s less lofty an earnings multiple than a pop star like Apple (APPL) boasts…”

Investors Business Daily: September 28
“Apple (APPL) issued a software update for its iPhones…”

It’s practically an epidemic. Google reports the error as having occurred hundreds of times, even if you include the word NASDAQ. For a company worth nearly $150 billion at the end of market close today, it’s surprising to me that this kind of mistake continues to be made on a daily basis in otherwise outstanding business publications. Can you imagine if they started stating Microsoft’s ticker symbol as MFST or Google as GOG? Give Apple the respect it deserves, and get it right. It’s AAPL.

15 Responses to “Dudes, It’s AAPL, Not APPL!”

  1. I’m sorry the article didn’t follow up on APPL – Appell Petroleum – low for 52 weeks was in the pennies is now, accodring to MSN, standing at $328 !!!
    Couldn’t find out anything about them.

  2. Why is it aapl? Where does the extra a come from? Usually the ticker makes more sense. If anyone can tell me why there are two A’s, they get one abstract dollar.

  3. While we’re at it, could we please tell people it’s not a “MAC”?

    “PC” is in caps because it’s an acronym, folks. “MAC” is also an acronym, but one used in networking which has nothing to do with Macs.

    Actually, the one useful thing about people using “MAC” when they are referring to Mac computers is that it is a fairly reliable indicator that their actual experience with Macs is near-zero, and so their (usually negative) pontifications regarding the “MAC” are usually data-and-experience-free “BS”.

  4. Bie Kipper


    Because a mistake is being reported and disseminated as fact. That, in itself, is substantial and indicative of the laziness of the media to verify information before posting it, which is the bigger problem, IMO.

  5. Of course I understand it when they say APPL. But it’s still annoying. As for style vs. substance… it’s a blog. There will still be a fair share of product reviews here and other news, no question. But this is an issue I haven’t seen addressed of late.

  6. Umm… do you still understand what they are talking about even if the letters are wrong? If so, then who really cares? I like this blog but I’d like to see a little more substance than things like this, which have been appearing a lot lately here.