A history of eBook readers: TeleRead

SonyreaderPaul Biba over at TeleRead offers up a great list of the devices he’s used as eBook readers over time. All of the devices (edit: aside from the Sony Reader) were capable of running MobiPocket, which looks to be Paul’s eBook software and store of choice. The device list is quite varied ranging from small-screened smartphones to traditional PDAs and up to Internet Tablet’s like the Nokia 770 and N800. Of course, the list tops out with a dedicated eBook reader, namely the first generation Sony Reader.

Ironically, I find my list of reading devices to be just as varied, which is great: the more devices that can read eBooks, the better I say! Unlike Paul, I tend to favor eReader for my content and software. Using eReader, I’ve read books on a Dell X3 and a Dell X51v not to mention my all-time favorite PDA and first unit with a VGA screen: the Toshiba e805. From the standalone department, I got a few months of hands-on use with the original Cybook from Bookeen back in 2004, which was a 10.1-inch color slate design running Windows CE. (It’s worth noting that Booken has a new e-Ink model due out shortly.) These days I find the best eBook reading experience coming from my Samsung Q1P UMPC. I’m sure many readers also have various devices capable of reading eBooks; what’s your current device and content platform of choice?

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