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Broadband Content Bits: Joost Inks Deals With ITN, MLB; NBCU/Pro.Sieben.Sat VOD

— Online video outfit Joost has added ITN and Major League Baseball to its programming line-up. The ITN service will cover news in the UK and rest of the world, as well as sports and entertainment and business news. Featured shows will include “Movie Buff,” and “EPL” a show dedicated to the English Premier League of football. The deal is non-exclusive and will be funded through advertising, according to ITN. The MLB deal will cover the entire post-season, including the World Series, as well as a highlights show, for the next month; and is available world-wide except in Japan — presumably because Japan is the second-largest market for MLB outside of the U.S. and MLB might have struck a better deal with an Internet provider there to provide coverage. ITN is 40 percent owned by ITV (LSE: ITV). Additional terms of the deals were not disclosed.

— NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) International Television Distribution has signed a VOD deal with ProSiebenSat.1 (FRA: PSM) to provide content to its Maxdome online video portal. Other major Hollywood studios that have signed deals with the German broadcaster include Sony (NYSE: SNE) Pictures Television International, Paramount Pictures Global, Warner Bros. International Television Distribution Inc., MGM International Television Distribution Inc. and Disney (NYSE: DIS)-ABC International Television. The deal brings the number of titles available on Maxdome, a JV with United Internet, up to 7,000 and makes it the largest online video portal in Germany.