Telecom Investors Seeing Green

[qi:013] Telecom investors are seeing green. First we had telecom uber investor Vinod Khosla with his burgeoning clean tech portfolio. Then father of the Ethernet, Bob Metcalfe joined the party. Now we have FON founder Martin Varvasky getting interested in Solar farms. I guess with telecom operators deciding the fate of all telecom-related start-ups, the risks in green tech seem to be more acceptable.

“People may resent the Internet people wandering into the energy space and constantly saying that we don’t know anything,” Metcalfe told Earth2Tech in a recent interview. “I’d say to that that you guys have had a long time to fix it, so now get out of the way.”

PS: Please let me know if you know of more ex-telecom types going green … for future reference, of course!