Vid-Biz: TiVo, H-P, Nielsen, SwarmCast


Good Ads the Anti-TiVo? Ads with tie-ins less likely to be skipped, more likely to be recalled. (WSJ)

Vidyo Raises $12M for HD Video Conferencing; Series B round from Rho Ventures, Sevin Rosen Funds, and Star Ventures. (release)

Level 3 Cuts CDN Pricing; people pushing around big video files will benefit. (GigaOM)

Lifetime Series Debut on iTunes and Yahoo; three series will premiere online a week before on television (email release).

Judges Siding with TiVo?; appeals court indicates it might favor the company over EchoStar in their ongoing patent dispute. (AP)

H-P Moves Forward with On-Demand Media; thirty suppliers to add 4,000 titles to H-P’s Video Merchant Services brand, which can provide retailers like Wal-Mart with on-demand DVD burning or downloadable streams. (Video Business)

SwarmCast Granted Patent for “File Swarming”; technology enables multi-source streaming and promises online video in HD quality over standard broadband. (release)

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