Rumor: Facebook To Launch MP3 Store?


Is Facebook planning on launching an MP3 store? Mashable this morning linked to a post on All Facebook that notes an “extremely reliable anonymous source” tipped off blogger Nick O’Neill that Facebook is prepping to launch an in-house competitor to iTunes.

Facebook has reportedly “been searching for a CEO to head up this new subdivision” and has “been pursuing agreements with a number of record labels.” O’Neill writes that his most recent unnamed informant actually knows one of the people being interviewed for the job. We put in a call to Facebook to inquire further into the matter, but haven’t heard back yet.

While “rumor” seems to have become Facebook’s second name lately, maybe this lead has some substance. Facebook’s roughly 40 million users are clearly music fans — iLike, the third-party music discovery app, is the eighth most popular application on the site with 705,943 daily active users, according to application tracker Appsaholic.



you know, the microsoft zune comment makes the most sense to me – sounds like a prepared rumor and goes hand in hand with facebook/msft talks taking place, the zune2 launch and the shakeup within msft’s media organization this month…

there’s a lot going on with the networks – but there’s also a lotta crap as well…feel free to check out an article i wrote about this very subject for competitive intelligence magazine (from


News Feed: Jane just bought the new Radiohead album. (There will be a button to press to hear a 30 sec clip)

This is rad. We’ll finally see some of Parakey’s technology. Users can login to Facebook to access there music from anywhere and it will be all synced to your local PC. I’m stoked.

Jacob Varghese

This makes no sense to me. I see this going the same route as the yahoo music store.

Why waste the time and money when they can simply partner with iTunes? There isn’t much money in the sale of MP3s, so why not just concentrate on expanding sources of revenue through partnerships.

On another note, I’m surprised Apple hasn’t add more social networking functionality to iTunes. I’m not saying that it should be like facebook or myspace, but you should be able to access a reviewer/commenter’s reviews on other albums easily. I think if you can get people actively using the app longer, then you will increase sales.

Mike Robinson

When I read this it got me wondering, will Microsoft have some part in this? New Zune comes out, they have some stake in Facebook, music offered to the Facebook masses with emphasis on using the Zune, $$$$.

Jesse Farmer


The numbers are a little more subtle than that. Facebook only tracks active users per day, so an app which has the same 10k users coming to the app every day is in some sense “less active” than an app which has 5k users per day, but a different 5k users, even though Facebook would say they’re twice as active.

By total users iLike is actually #9.

See these:

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