Boing Boing To Fly On Virgin America

Now this seems like a really good fit: Virgin America, the fledgling airline, will be showing in-flight episodes of the new Boing Boing TV, free and on-demand. A captive audience looking for distraction outside of the normal TV-watching environment of the living room is exactly what every quirky online news show needs.Boing Boing, the immensely popular blog, is neither agenda-free or fit for all audiences, but then again neither is Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson. Today’s episode of Boing Boing TV, for instance, features a vagina-scented cologne. A press release promises “the same irreverent and eclectic content that has made a favorite with pop culture junkies throughout the world.”

Jackson reviewed Boing Boing TV — which is produced and marketed by new online studio DECA — when the first episode came out on Tuesday.

The swirling background colors and spacey synth soundtrack make me wonder if I just stumbled upon an est-esque hypnosis video attempting to indoctrinate me into the Church of the SubGenius.

I flew Virgin America to New York last week and was impressed with the overhauled airline experience as compared to the frumpy planes we’re all used to. The lighting was terrible and the food service wasn’t great, but I’d do it again for the seat-side power plugs and cheap prices. In addition to the Boing Boing deal — which is no sweat off its back, really — the airline is taking the absurdly hip tactic of employing web celebrities — see the online video ad above.