Which Way Is Up!?

Based on my time spent playing with the iPhone interface, I present to you my new term which represents a very serious condition facing geeks today.

Scroligo | skro-li-go |
The vertigo-like sensation induced by switching back and forth between the inverted scrolling orientation on iPhone and the traditional on a MacBook trackpad.

Believe it or not, after limited exposure to the iPhone’s touch interface, and the act of flicking up in order to scroll down, I’ve found myself attempting to two-finger scroll upward on my trackpad in an effort to scroll my browser down the page. The odd part is that it seems so natural on the iPhone, even though it’s historically the non-traditional way of doing things. Apple’s own interface designs suddenly contradict themselves…

Which leads me to wonder if in Leopard – or a future OS update – we’ll gain the ability to invert the direction of our trackpad’s scrolling. Just because it’s always been this way (scroll down for down, and up for up) doesn’t mean it’s necessarily correct (or in-correct). Now that I think of it, I prefer the inverted controls when playing video games (Halo!) as well. I guess I’m just asking for the option to set my scrolling preferences as I like them.