PrudeTube Nixes Hot Robot Action

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It has recently become clear that YouTube doesn’t draw the line at live-action, human nipples — stop-motion animated nipples on anthropomorphic robots are officially verboten as well. Shortly after Wired wrote about Michael Sullivan’s Sex Life of Robots, a film the artist likens to a “silent robot porno movie from another planet,” YouTube pulled the preview video from their site. Because heaven knows sexy robot fetishists aren’t to be encouraged.

While it may have been flagged by a user, the error page on YouTube cites a terms of use violation, which presumably means it was deemed either “pornography” or “obscene.” Wired caught wind of YouTube’s actions, and though it openly declared the film “NSFW,” it lauded the piece’s artistic merits, and has posted the video to the company’s servers with the permission of the author so that critics and perverts alike can continue to appreciate the well-oiled, piston-like thrusting.

Me, I’m off to flag every other instance of trans-species nudity, inorganic or otherwise, (like woman milking cow) that I can find. I see it as a fitting tribute to the spirit of the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals, which has taken a similarly modest and chaste view of what is and isn’t appropriate for public display.

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