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Leopard most likely on track for October release

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According to ThinkSecret, Leopard is still on track for its delayed release estimate of October.

This gives Apple a matter of a few weeks to declare a Gold Master, produce a significant number of copies and get them to retail stores. It’s a time crunch for sure.

I don’t remember the exact timeline of things with the release of Tiger, but if memory serves me correctly Apple had atleast a month or two of pre-ordering Tiger on their site…which hasn’t been the case of Leopard. Maybe Apple will be ditching the pre-order and just surprising us one morning with Leopard being available.

Only time will tell.

12 Responses to “Leopard most likely on track for October release”

  1. On the MacBook Pro, gaming is supposed to be pretty good. It is a rather nice notebook which many people recommend for mobile gaming. It is the plain ol’ MacBook (which I have, and love) which may not perform as some would like for high-end gaming.

  2. I’ve played WoW natively on my MacBook Pro as well as Medieval II Total War, LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth and Neverwinter Nights 2 through Boot Camp and performance has been excellent. I’m not a hardcore gamer though, I don’t play graphic-intensive first person shooters.

  3. @ Stuart:

    Apple has never (to my knowledge) given people the option of upgrading their software just because a new version was released a few days after they bought theirs. Unless you fall into the 10-14 day return window (I’m not sure which it is). So, you will probably want to wait until Leopard is officially released.

    Also, if you want to play more than just minesweeper or older games, you will want a MacBook Pro. The MacBook has an integrated grahpics chip that shares the physical RAM on the motherboard, it does not have it’s own dedicated VRAM. So if you want to play modern games, especially anything released in the last year or so, you don’t want the MacBook.

    Although, I don’t have personal experience with this myself, so find someone with a MacBook who tried playing the games in which you are interested and see how it plays for them.

  4. After dealing with the terrible Dell service, and a few hardware issues, I’m getting rid of this piece and getting a Mac. Congratulations, you have a convert.

    So…I’m a student who still uses XP for videogames on occasion. Macbook or Macbook Pro? And wait for Leopard for bootcamp, or does Apple offer a guarantee that if I buy it now, I can get the free upgrade?