Are Full-Length Shows a Waste of Time?

The fall TV season is in full swing, and a bonus for boob tube watchers is more networks putting full-length episodes of shows online. But are we watching? When he announced the EyeLab short clip factory, Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive (and also a keynoter at our upcoming NewTeeVee Live conference), said the company’s research indicated less than a third of the network’s web audience was interested in full-length shows online.

comScore numbers released last month back up Smith’s snack-sized assertion, with the average person spending just three hours a month total watching online videos, and the average video duration being 2.7 minutes.

So are the efforts of NBC, ABC and even CBS to put full-length shows online all for naught? What would you prefer to watch online? Full-length shows? Clips? Behind-the-scenes extras?

Cast your vote in our poll and sound off in the comments about the networks’ efforts, and what they could do to better serve you.


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