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Zoho Vs. Google (And Microsoft And Adobe)

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Zoho threw a jab at Google’s (GOOG) suite of online office applications with today’s release of its free database app, Zoho DB & Reports. Zoho’s latest offering brings the number of its online office applications to 13, an impressive attempt in the company’s bid to become the ubiquitous online office suite provider.

With competition from the likes of Google, Microsoft (MSFT) and Adobe (ADBE), we wonder how much the company’s lack of brand awareness will hurt it in the long run. However, if Zoho continues to innovate at top speed, it might make a smart acquisition target, perhaps for one of its competitors.

Zoho DB, at first glance, is reminiscent of Microsoft Excel, but a closer look reveals a database application more like Access. The SQL-based database supports importing and exporting from a bunch of different format types, and also makes it easy to make charts, summary views, and table views. Thanks to the online functionality, all this information can be shared with anyone across the web.

Earlier this week, Adobe entered the online office game with its acquisition of Virtual Ubiquity, a Waltham, Mass.-based startup behind online word processor Buzzword. Meanwhile, Microsoft just unveiled its Office Live Workplace, a web-based feature of its office suite that will let people access and share their documents online.

9 Responses to “Zoho Vs. Google (And Microsoft And Adobe)”

  1. That sounds good, but Zoho is not doing well with integration. For example, using Zoho Projects you are not allowed to import documents from Zoho Sheets or Zoho Writer.

    I have also complaints about the way Zoho “organize” files, so I have my doubts about Zoho new products… I have posted my opinion about Zoho Docs and Google Docs in my blog:

  2. techmine

    If I own a business and I need simple solution of hosted apps, I would go with Zoho. The entire suit of apps covers each and every need of the business and yet no need to pump millions of dollars in buying licensed stuff, which by the way is dependent on the hardware too. “you need 2 GB RAM to run VISTA and then Office 2007”??? What happens to the massive infrastructure small companies have built over the technology which is just 2-3 years old??

    Bring on the browser and online hosted apps. Thats the future. Somebody rightly said, perfect target for Yahoo or Apple (if they want to venture into this – my 2 cents).

  3. jccodez

    Another lame application that I won’t use. They need to prime the pump a little harder to get bought out before the web 2.o bubble pops… After ebay and ms got facecrook on the ropes…This is lame…no one depends on this muck for mission critical application. Can you please stop the hype om…how is a lame startup like zoho taking on microsoft and google. They have a one semester college project at best compared to microsoft.