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Spire releases new line of laptop bags

Spire LaptopĀ Bags

Spire, makers of fine laptop bags, have just released an update to their line of laptop bags.

The new bags are definitely a bit more stylish and not quite as cold and business looking as the previous line.

Prices start at $80 for the smaller bag and go up to $100 for the largest with three colors: green, blue, and black.

6 Responses to “Spire releases new line of laptop bags”

  1. That is the ugliest bag I’ve ever seen. When are these “designers” going to actually start doing something with laptop “bags” that’s worth a damn. I’m so sick of seeing the same old generic “messenger bags” that were all the rage in 1997, and I’m even more sick of the stale boring “black laptop bag” that we’ve been the victims of since the invention of the laptop. How about some creativity that doesn’t involve some reflective tape? Thanks.

  2. Matt Radel

    In a way it’s kind of nice that it doesn’t look like a laptop bag. It could be helpful if you have to walk through some rough areas on the way to work/school.