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Subhiksha Delays October Launch Of Online Store

We’d reported in July from the IAMAI conference that Chennai-based retail chain Subhiksha will be launching its online store around October this year. But come October and Subhiksha’s marketing president Mohit Khattar tells me that there’s a delay in the launch of their e-commerce site to either end of this year or early next year.

Looks like Khattar’s afraid facing of failure yet again. Subhiksha

5 Responses to “Subhiksha Delays October Launch Of Online Store”

  1. I think e-retailing can be a good option but what all companies need to do is support their site with good strategies. Only open an e-commerce site will not help them to make profit. I have many diff. models in mind, i m looking for a good retail group who will ready to impliment these models.

  2. Pramod jain

    Subhiksha, should first appoint knowledgeable staffs, The staffs dont even know what the meaning of pickle is , I went to a store to buy mango pickle, i asked them to give me a bottole of mango pickle (all spelled in tamil , my mother toungue), they replied back, what it means?

  3. i agree , i dont think this fits into the Indian lifestyle so far. I guess one of the first segments that would start using this would be the DINK's

    There will also be tough competition from local grocery guys. The one i have anyway delivers, on credit if need be..and he comes after we get back from office.. cant be easier .

  4. He is right e-retailing of groceries is not something india is ready for keeping in mind its not a big hit even in developed countries what retailers should plan this channel as an format which can help derive more foot fall in their locations.

    Online channel can be used positively for customer engagement with customer loyalty programs or clearance sales etc.