Sold Out: SF CTIA MocoMixer on Oct 22nd


Update 3: SOLD OUT. And no, U2 is not playing.

Update 2: Thursday: The second batch filled up in world record time this morning…took 15 minutes. The last batch will open up tomorrow, Friday, at 9 AM PST. So be on early…

UPDATE: Wednesday: The first batch finished in couple of hours..we’ll open the second batch of tickets tomorrow at 9 AM PST…so be sure to log in early as they’re bound to go quick again.

Registration is now open for our big CTIA MocoMixer. Mixer date: October 22nd evening. Venue: Palace Hotel in San Francisco. This is the first batch of tickets to open, and tomorrow we’ll open again at 9 AM PST, so that various timezones get a fair chance.

The venue is next door to the Moscone Center, where the official CTIA kicks off the next morning. It’s also a convenient place to spend some time after the mobile content day — and the other events taking place that night — as was the case with our LA CTIA mixer last year.

Our generous sponsors: Platinum: Medio Systems, Cellfish Media, Motorola and I-play. Gold: Digital Fountain; Silver: Vantrix. If you are interested in underwriting the best mixer in town, bar none, drop our business side a line at advertising AT



This is ridiculous. I've been here at 9AM for the past two days and have not been able to register! I've tried refreshes, different browsers, etc. Nothing works…. then somehow the tickets are sold-out without many of us having the same problem, ever getting a chance.


I tried twice to register and got a "invalid quantity" error message (or something like that) every time…
It does not help to be on Tokyo time zone :-(


I have been watching it since before 9am as well. Any update would be welcome!


I am trying to register today (Thursday 10 am) but it says sold out still for yesterday. Is it already sold out for today too?

Mikko G.

registration page has not been refreshed … it still says 'Sold Out' and I've been watching it since before 9:00. An oversight or is the new batch really sold out?


Will the registration page be refreshed soon for the Second batch?


JP Bommel

I am trying to register for SF CTIA MocoMixer but the link takes me to this comment page. I would like to register for the event. My email is listed above. Please advise


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