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Music Roundup: Radiohead; Bebo-Atlantic; File-Sharing Trial

Radiohead: An attention-getting experiment by the band … upcoming album In Rainbows will only be available through its own website Fans get to choose how much — if anything — they want to pay for a download. Additionally, the band is selling a box set that includes the album, artwork, and a vinyl copy. The move underscores the frailty of the traditional record label model. (via PaidContent:UK)

Bebo: Bebo’s online soap opera KateModern, will feature the band The Days, as part of an agreement with Warner Music Group’s (NYSE: WMG) Atlantic Records. The band will be integrated into selected episodes over the next three months until its forthcoming EP is released. Episodes will also offer “embedded purchasing opportunities.” Other bands from the label will appear in the future. (Via paidContent:UK)

Illegal downloads trial: For the first time, a music industry lawsuit over illegal file sharing has gone to trial. Minnesota resident Jamie Thomas is accused of illegally sharing 1,702 tracks over a file-sharing network. The industry is seeking damages of up to $1.2 million, based on per-track damages of $750 to $30,000. Emphasizing her commitment to fighting the case, her lawyer notes that her retainer for hiring him is about what a settlement would have cost. (via AP)