@ Mocollywood: On Adult Content, Mobile TV, And Simplicity

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Well, it seems there were big ambitions, but a small turnout, for this week’s Mocollywood mobile entertainment conference in London. Here are some items I took note of during some of the panel sessions:

— Quite a lot on adult content today… appears to be one of the few genres generating revenues and audiences on mobile. Italy weirdly was cited as a major market for it by more than one speaker. Renny claimed that 80 percent of Three Italy’s subscribers watch adult content. Richard Gale, marketing director for Playboy (NYSE: PLA) TV: “One of our biggest questions remains, how do you replicate the success we’ve had in Italy?” He says although mobile is less popular than TV and Internet, it’s growing at the fastest rate. People on average consume six to seven minutes of video when it is streamed on mobile; two minutes when it is on-demand. Tim Clausen, director of wireless for Private Media, says it offers content in 35 countries through 80 operators and has doubled its revenues in the last two years.

— Adult content owners are breaking new ground in terms of business models. Gale from Playboy TV again: “We’ve just started a cross-platform billing service for users across TV, Internet and mobile based on a 4-digit PIN. [Users pay a flat rate for a piece of content and can consume it on any device.] We’re going on gut instinct and taking a risk since we’ve had to make assumptions on usage for pricing.”

Lots of mobile operator criticism flying about, but unfortunately no operators present to defend their side: Gale at Playboy TV: “The mobile value chain has to be one of the most screwed up I’ve seen in my life. Everyone wants a piece of the penny

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Working in a company that deals with adult mobile content, I can agree with the fact that vendors are leading now, as opposed to carriers.

Generally, carriers will need to become more flexible, and in my opinion – start thinking in a proactive manor, as opposed to a reactive one.

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