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Yahoo's Suggestive Search

Yahoo (YHOO) rolled out some major upgrades to its search engine today. Dubbed “Search Assist,” the addition to the interface integrates audio, video, and photos directly into search results. The updated search also features “suggestions” that actively guess what you’re about to search for when you type in a few letters of your query.

Yahoo’s search traffic is on the decline as competitor Google (GOOG) gains momentum. Yahoo captured 19.9 percent of total search market share in August, down from 24 percent in August 2006, according to Neilsen/NetRatings. Meanwhile, Google claimed 53.6 percent of search market share in August, up from 50.2 percent in the same month the prior year.

8 Responses to “Yahoo's Suggestive Search”

  1. I for one would love to see a little more creativity in the search space. I was pleased to see Ask’s changes a few months ago, but a little disappointed they haven’t caught the public eye a little more. I’m curious whether any changes to web search at this point can have any impact on behavior. It’s funny a few days ago I posted on our blog about Yahoo! getting more click through on search results than Google.

    There’s a lot of complicating factors to my very simply cut of the data but it’s still interesting to see things shifting around a bit.

  2. I hate to see Y! going down but I don’t think these new features are going to save them. But still, at least you got something else. Over here (Netherlands) it’s 95%+ Google and nothing else…

  3. Personally I really like this new feature set that Yahoo Search has put out. It’s a nice mix between Google and Ask that adds value. Though it is a small differentiator from Google it is designed well and will gain Yahoo some new users.

    I think the search engine that will be hit the hardest is though. Yahoo has effectively taken the best thing about the smaller search engine and made it appealing for the masses.