Vista: it’s what’s for dinner

Vista_logoOne thing I truly enjoy about blogging is that I get to meet many people with different points of view. Sometimes we meet virtually, but the best times are where I get to meet some of you off the grid. If you’re a jkOTR reader and we got a chance to meet in the past at some venue, I think you’ll understand as I truly enjoy putting faces with the names.

Tonight I get another one of those awesome chances as I’ll be dining with mobile tech maven Michael Connick. He’s in the area for work so we’re taking the opportunity to meet up, eat a good meal and talk mobile tech. What’s interesting to me is that Michael and I are among the few end users that are happy with Vista on our mobile devices. I have the beta of SP-1 for Vista on my Q1P and so far, I don’t see much impact for better or worse. I’ve been just fine with Vista on this device for months and I wouldn’t go back to XP if you paid me. Michael seems quite happy with Vista on his 600 MHz Kohjinsha SH6 (you can see a video of his device’s performance here) so while our dinner could have turned into a Vista vs. XP conversation, I suspect we’ll instead share our positive experiences. I tend to agree with James that a "lighter" version of Windows would serve mobile devices well, but as I’ve said before, I think Windows is too many solutions to too many customers and businesses for a whole new take on the OS. Needless to say, if Michael brings his Kohji, it will be interesting to compare the performances of our two main mobile devices.