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Vista: it’s what’s for dinner

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Vista_logoOne thing I truly enjoy about blogging is that I get to meet many people with different points of view. Sometimes we meet virtually, but the best times are where I get to meet some of you off the grid. If you’re a jkOTR reader and we got a chance to meet in the past at some venue, I think you’ll understand as I truly enjoy putting faces with the names.

Tonight I get another one of those awesome chances as I’ll be dining with mobile tech maven Michael Connick. He’s in the area for work so we’re taking the opportunity to meet up, eat a good meal and talk mobile tech. What’s interesting to me is that Michael and I are among the few end users that are happy with Vista on our mobile devices. I have the beta of SP-1 for Vista on my Q1P and so far, I don’t see much impact for better or worse. I’ve been just fine with Vista on this device for months and I wouldn’t go back to XP if you paid me. Michael seems quite happy with Vista on his 600 MHz Kohjinsha SH6 (you can see a video of his device’s performance here) so while our dinner could have turned into a Vista vs. XP conversation, I suspect we’ll instead share our positive experiences. I tend to agree with James that a "lighter" version of Windows would serve mobile devices well, but as I’ve said before, I think Windows is too many solutions to too many customers and businesses for a whole new take on the OS. Needless to say, if Michael brings his Kohji, it will be interesting to compare the performances of our two main mobile devices.

4 Responses to “Vista: it’s what’s for dinner”

  1. My OQO 02 1.5ghz Via 1gb Ram works just fine with Vista Business, OQO one of the few UMPC manufacturers that seems to understand the need for driver support with current OS offerings.

    I don’t have the time to run benchmark tests & the like, I just go by gut feel. Yes I’ve gone thru some tweaks for better performance, adjusted my power settings, but keep most of the eye candy for some of the new Vista Experience.

    Anyway, I have strong feelings about one more frigging edition level of Windows, they have enough and charge too much for the so called “premium” editions. Just what we need, another Windows CE, as in “Castrated Edition”. Also I can see it now, a Vista Mobile Edition at $100 more than Ultimate like they did with Xp Tablet over the Pro edition, no wonder UMPC prices are still high.

    Better solution would be for Microsoft to re-engineer Windows to be capable of all the latest functionality, with some form of automatic scalability based on hardware ability and pre-define but customizable usage themes to allow the consumer to make the trade offs on eye candy vs. performance vs. battery life, etc… And keep it down to no more than 2 Editions with the “home” having at least all the media extensions & “pro” having everything the “home” has with additional features for high end computing.

    Also, cpu/gpu improvements plus more than 1gb ram, sounds like the latest Intel cpu was a cop out in efforts to stop the Via momentum on cheaper & longer battery life CPU’s instead of improving performance & battery life with the Pentium M ULV cpu and combining it with the newer graphics chip.

    Anyway, wish people would quit promoting more Windows edition and letting Microsoft and the cpu/gpu & PC manufacturers off the hook for making it all work like it should with progressively improved performance & battery life with each new release.

  2. Received an email back from dynamism. Vye S37 is back up.

    As for the whole Vista issue. I’m back to XP with my Q1 and I’m staying. But if you pay me, heck I’ll go back to Vista. :) I needed a stable machine and Vista just wasn’t stable enough with the current drivers and utility apps. Yes I miss the TIP and Start menu.. but no more headaches wondering what the hell Vista is doing. Plus everything is snappier in XP and if I went back down to 1GB RAM, it still would be.

    If I bought a Kohjinsha, would I run Vista? Yes.. with 2GB RAM, it’s new chipset, and stable drivers. Would it run better in XP? Probably and w/ just 1GB RAM too.

    One issue that pissed me off is I’m watching a video and all of a sudden it gets super choppy. Like less than 10fps. It’s because Vista decided to run some background processes while I’m watching a video and do some disk thrashing. So annoying.

    Another thing, my main app is Firefox. Sure the TIP is a lot, lot better in Vista than with XP. But if I can’t even use the floating TIP in Firefox, it’s as if the upgraded TIP is almost pointless since it takes me more time to pull it out.
    It’s been mentioned before, but here was my original post.

  3. Put me down as another not having issues with Vista on a mobile PC (Orig. Q1). I’ve still got a number of other machines running XP and I just wouldn’t go back to XP on the Q1. It’s a thousand little things that are better on Vista.

    I’ll post something on Ultranauts tonight around Vista versions and a “Vista Mobile” once I get my head around what I want to say.


  4. Nice. Can you plug in your Sierra modem into the SH6 and take a few pics? Curious if I can work with that. Slate mode too!
    BTW, the Vye s37 was pulled from the dynamism site. Just emailed asking why.