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iPhone Recognizes Audio Email Attachments

Dan at UneasySilence points out that if you’ve upgraded your iPhone to the latest version (1.1.1) the email viewer application now supports wav and mp3 files in your email. This is surprising to me that it wasn’t inherently in the iPhone to begin with…

Dan points out that this is useful if you’re using a voicemail service such as CallWave, but also if you’re a Vonage user like myself where your home voicemails come to you in email/wav format. Of course I’d love to get your feedback as to how well this new functionality works on the iPhone – does it actually play the files? I ask because it didn’t work natively on my Windows Mobile BlackJack until I upgraded it to version 6 of the platform – something about the wav file encoding that the player didn’t recognize… I’d assume Apple wouldn’t fall into the same mistake, but would love to hear verification from iPhone and Vonage users…

EDIT: According to Chris, although voicemail wav files are recognized on the 1.1.1 iPhone, they aren’t playable. Thanks Chris!

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  1. Kevin Zdyb

    I also have Vonage and when I get a voivemail I receive an email attachment that tries to get me to spend .25 to be able to read it. That would add up rather quickly. When I saw this blog I got excited to think that the 1.1 upgrade would fix this only to get let down. I get “This movie could not be played” when I try to play the .wav file.

  2. Chris – dang! I’m surprised Apple has fallen victim to the same misstep that Microsoft. I’m sure they’ll rectify that soon…

    Frank – Your bring up a great point that my father in law once mentioned. he wants the ability for his MacBook Pro and his iPhone to be in [bluetooth?] contact while near each other – or maybe linked via wifi – so that when an SMS message or voicemail comes in, he can quickly access on his laptop rather than his iPhone.
    An interesting concept…

    Thanks for the responses!

  3. I receive the .wav attachments in my Vonage email message. The Mail app on the iPhone highlights it as a playable attachment with a QuickTime logo.
    However, when I touch the attachment icon, and the iPhone QuickTime player lauches, a “This movie could not be played” error dialog is displayed.