Dumb Trend: Fake Celeb Sex Tapes


Entertainment gossip sites were buzzing over the weekend about an alleged Eva Longoria sex tape that was leaked onto the Internet. Turns out it was a promotional stunt comedy clip that ran on Funny or Die. The rumor started last week, just in time for Longoria’s Desperate Housewives’ season premiere.

This isn’t the first fake “celebrity sex tape” to appear on Funny or Die in recent memory. Jessica Alba and Dane Cook tried to drum up business for their recent flop Good Luck Chuck with a “sex tape” featuring Cook, er…pleasuring a stuffed penguin with Alba’s voice.

It’s obvious why studios would do this kind of thing (boys will be boys). But come on, Paris Hilton’s sex tape was like, four years ago, can’t you find anything fresher to spoof? And worse — they just aren’t funny.



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