Bob Metcalfe: Welcome To The Enernet


[qi:_earth2tech] Bob Metcalfe, the father of Ethernet and founder of 3Com (COMS), says the history of the Internet is a “rich vein to mine” when it comes to building the next generation of energy technology. He should know — he’s been researching network and information technologies for over three decades, delivering gems like Metcalfe’s Law, which calculates the value of the network effect.

He’s also coined a Metcalfe-style term for the next generation of energy distribution that will meet the world’s needs for clean and cheap energy: Welcome to the Enernet (energy network). Read the interview.



so years ago i ran into bob on the street in back bay (boston)…walked up and said hello, introduced myself, he is really a nice guy in person, very disarming personality…but when i asked him what he was doing at idc (at the time) he replied, “my job is to be famous”…so i’m real glad to hear that he’s back at work…

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