BoingBoing TV: Daily Video Updates From Xeni And The Gang

Eclectic, popular webzine-turned-blog is going video gaga. Starting Wednesday, will bring the group blog’s “directory of wonderful things” to video through 3-5 minute daily reports on weekdays. The reports, sponsored by IBM for the first three months, will be hosted by co-founders Xeni Jardin — aka “platinum blond cyberbabe” per the LAT — and Mark Frauenfelder. Co-founders David Pescovitz and Cory Doctorow will host segments, as will BoingBoing Gadgets editor Joel Johnson. (The reports are being produced by DECA across the hall from our world HQ in Santa Monica.) Jardin told the LAT they’d been approached by “big TV networks” but “the idea of having a prime-time network show seems like it would automatically be wrong for us and doomed to fail. . . . We wanted to adapt things that are already part of the vernacular of BoingBoing.”