Hacking the Hackers

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I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a room at 1 Infinite loop few know about. The entrance is guarded by laser beams and ninja trained monkeys. The employees that work in the room are completely self contained and sequestered from the the outside world. They are payed handsomely for this, driven by the RDF, and powered by something mortals don’t comprehend.

What this department is called, well, that place doesn’t have a name. Its where the antihackers work. Where they surf IRC channels for new iPhone hacking methods, reporting their anticode to the software developers, smiling. In the comments of the code it reads “please put your name here”. The real developer is unknown and disguised forever.

People, we are being duped. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these hackers are being paid to give up just enough information to allow some iPhone hackage to occur. Then when outsiders release their how-to’s, code examples, or other contributions, the iPhone update is already being installed on the iTunes update servers.

So to those who have installed the new iPhone update and are ready to hack, enjoy. I mean, after all how do you know this article isn’t coming from 1 Infinite Loop?

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