Industry Moves: Babelgum Co-Founder Lumer Leaves For RawFlow


Some major executive turnover is afoot at Ireland-based, Italian-backed online video startup Babelgum: Erik Lumer, one of the co-founders of the startup, has left the company to become the CEO of RawFlow, a P2P streaming technology specialist. Lumer had already been taking more of a backseat at Babelgum in the last few months. In July, he was replaced by Valerio Zingarelli as the CEO of the company to focus more on product development. At the time, his stepping down was attributed by Silvio Scaglia, the other Babelgum founder and chairman, to the company moving into “phase two” of its strategy to launch commercially (scheduled for the first half of 2008). By and large Babelgum has stayed out of much of the high-profile dealmaking that has defined some of its would-be rivals like Joost, BitTorrent and the numerous online video plays from more established Internet and TV players.

RawFlow’s biggest product launch to date is Selfcast, which lets people record and send out user-generated content live on the Internet. The company has backing from Benchmark Capital and Balderton Capital.



Also the CTO seems to have left the company or is leaving it. They are looking for a CTO on their web site. 2 CXXes in less than a half month at a company that hardly exists longer than 1 or 2 years…seems like a lot is going on in this company.

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