Online Webisodes As An Industry: Almost Famous

Doug Anmuth, the Lehman Brothers analyst, makes a case for online episodic video in his weekly “Internet Inside” thinkpiece, and yes, he’s an optimist on this one. Suffice to say I am more bearish. Nonethless, some good points on the macro picture:
— “Social networking sites such as Bebo and MySpace are natural hosts for online-only video content, as their users may be
more open to viewing newer forms of video and their platforms are more apt to create viral distribution.” MySpaceTV is a bid for that glory, in part.
— “Although webisodes have the potential to become more mainstream going forward, we believe the traditional portals are likely to
participate peripherally rather than as a principal.” Meaning Yahoo, MSN and others are not big players. He does think AOL might be, though with the siege mentality inside the company, not sure how many new projects will get greenlighted in the near future.
— “We believe that webisodes, as advertisements, could also prove to be an effective tool for building brands and launching new products as advertisers continuously search for the most effective form of Internet brand advertising.” My opinion: overrated.