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Marketing In Social Media: The Interloper, Trying To Fit In

An interesting academic paper on the subject of marketing in the social media environment, by John Deighton, professor at Harvard Business School, and Leora Kornfeld, research director, Mobile Muse Consortium in Vancouver. This paper reviews five emerging models for marketing in these environments, and concludes something a bit obvious to our regular readers here: that the locus of control over meanings is moving from marketer to consumer and is rewarding more participatory, more sincere, and less directive marketing styles.

This way of framing it sounds pertinent: “The marketer in peer-to-peer environments is an interloper, more talked-about than talking. At best its role is to provoke conversations among consumers, and at worst it becomes the enemy, attacked with invective or parody. Today, as marketing strategy grapples with the question of how to work with social media, old paradigms die hard. Marketing may be less a matter of domination and control, and more a matter of fitting in.”

You can read a longer summary here or download the full paper from here.