Blog Post Drops Pay Wall For Casual Readers; Subs Remain For Others

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From our new site paidContent:UK: Change is coming in’s business model. The site will on Monday announce it will allow consumers to read articles or data up to 30 times a month for free, from mid-October. currently charges £98.99 a year ($110 in the US) or £8.25 a month ($9.20 to the US) for access to full material, teasing with access to many full or partial stories…With this model, is not going the whole hog. The aim is to open up content to be consumed and linked to by more casual readers while retaining the subscription wall for heavy users. Quoted on itself, the site’s publisher Ien Cheng:

One Response to “ Drops Pay Wall For Casual Readers; Subs Remain For Others”

  1. thomas thirkell

    Dear sir '
    as a close friend of the ex Nico Colchester and a contributor to his Economist Intelligence; 30 free articles is not nearly enough – one can browse this many in three days! Only financial information should be subscribed – not news or comment. Your research is wrongly based. People do not come to your site. Your hits would increase 90% and thus advertising revenue and the influence of your paper. ~Few now buy a copy – millions browse. Get real . yours Tom