Unlocked iPhone Users Beware


iPhoneIt appears that Apple may have been telling the truth about unlocked iPhones and the software update not playing nice together. Jonathan Seff over at iPhone Central shares his tale – in which even a new SIM card couldn’t resurrect is iBrick. Even though some Apple Geniuses may be quietly unbricking iPhones, I have to say I still don’t think it’s worth it. I’d ride out my contract and then pull the trigger (unless you’re with Sprint – then I can totally understand wanting to get out).

What about you TAB readers? Has anyone successfully updated with an unlocked iPhone? Here’s your opportunity to brag!



Looking for an iphone AP that will allow one to send mp3 audio files via e-mail like it allows one to send jpg”s via e-mail. Does such an AP exists?


Is there an iphone ap that will allow one to use the iphone as a hearing enhancement device? I’m seriously hearing impaired and use a hearing listening device, the iphone would be a great alternative, it has a build in microphone and amplifier. How about an Ap that would allow one to use the internal iphone microphone to pick up sounds around the device and feed that sound to the earphones. That way one could use the iphone for hearing and phone, and fm tuner, etc. How about it? Is there an Ap that will do this?

David Leazenby

I updated to version 1.1.1 and all my 3rd party apps and ringtones went “poof.” I was, however, able to downgrade to 1.0.2 with no problems. I installed all my 3rd party apps and ringtones and am as happy as a lark. The fix:

Make sure you have a copy of the 1.0.2 firmware


stored in:

~/library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

The key is to remove or move all other items from this folder, leaving only the 1.0.2 update. Otherwise, it will re-install the 1.1.1 update.

1. Reboot iPhone holding the top button (power) and the home buttons.
2. Release the top button 10 seconds after that, right after the screen goes dark. But keep the home (bottom) pressed for a while.
3. The iPhone screen will appear to be off. Now start iTunes manually.
4. iTunes will tell you it has found an iPhone in “restore mode.”
5. Press option key and then click the restore button.
6. Select the 1.0.2 firmware .ipsw file from here: ~/library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates


Actually, I went to my local apple store, I am really good buds with a guy there. He said don’t update, well I didn’t listen to him, I updated. Worked perfectly, just one little bug with the maps program. The 3rd party says will be fixed soon.

Brandon Eley

I haven’t had the guts to do the upgrade just yet. I have Installer.app and tons of 3rd party apps on my iPhone.

I’ve spoken with a developer of Installer.app from NullRiver and he suggests users hold tight until they can update their software and release a new version that will work with 1.1.1.

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