CBS Hedges Bets With Online Studio EyeLab For Short-Form, Ad-Supported Video

As more TV networks try various ways of presenting and distributing long-form videos online, CBS (NYSE: CBS) is taking a small step backward. The network is introducing EyeLab, a digital production studio that will create and stream free, ad-supported short-form videos composed of snippets from its TV lineup, WSJ reports. EyeLab’s work also has promotional value, especially with the fall season under way. The clips will be designed to look like user-generated content – and in some cases, the studio will distribute videos sent in by users as well; which makes perfect sense, since the EyeLab project was inspired by a YouTube video called CSI Miami – Endless Caruso One Liners created last year by a 27-year-old British man. (The video was shown by Les Moonves during his CES keynote.)

The network also says research indicates that less than one-third of its web audience is likely to view a full episode online.


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