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Dell Going Carbon Neutral: Dell has been one of the leading computer makers when it comes to reducing its carbon footprint, and now says its going carbon neutral by 2008. The hard part will be getting the suppliers involved — Marketwatch.

Mutant Hydrogen-Producing Algae: A professor at UC Berkeley believes that genetically engineered versions of algae will be a good source for hydrogen — MIT Technology Review.

Suntech Shining on SF Airport: Suntech Power announced a 500kW solar system at the San Francisco International Airport’s new Terminal 3, where 3,000 Suntech solar modules were installed by San Francisco based BASS Electric — Clean Edge.

Ausra Details Utility Deals: Solar thermal startup Ausra will build 1,000 megawatts of solar thermal power plants that will generate 50 million megawatt-hours of clean power over a 20-year period for PG&E and FPL — release.

8 Utilities Working on Energy Efficiency: Con Edison, Duke Energy, Edison International, Great Plains Energy, Pepco Holdings, PNM Resources, Sierra Pacific Resources and Xcel Energy will increase their investment in energy efficiency by $500 million annually to about $1.5 billion annually — release.

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