Joost Gets Baseball (But Not In The U.S.)


Joost has announced an exclusive partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) to make on-demand game broadcasts and highlights from the 2007 MLB postseason available on the P2P service. But you’ll only be able to catch all of it if you live outside the U.S.

joost.jpgWithin 24 hours of their initial airing, Joost will stream Division Series, League Championship Series and World Series games on-demand, around the world, except for the U.S. and Japan. That’s great for the rest of the world, but if you live stateside you can only watch Daily Rewind, a program that features baseball highlights on and off the field.

I’m not going to blame Joost on this one. Pro sports leagues are nefarious for protecting their broadcasts, which is too bad, because this would have been an excellent way to get more people into the idea of online TV. I guess we’d call this a foul ball.


martialarts dummy

Always good to read about baseball and its players, I’ve played since a kid..

Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

Very impressive, is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

Matt Hendry

“But I also don’t think we should be penalized for living in the U.S..”

Other people in the world would disagree with that statement :P …..

Chris Albrecht

Hi Roddy,

I agree that this is a nice first step. But I also don’t think we should be penalized for living in the U.S.. If you’re going to open it up, be open.


Foul ball? You missed it – global games, highlights in the US – there’s more to teh internets than the USA, and this is a huge first step.

Matt Hendry

I personally think this is pretty groundbreaking by the MLB and it will keep plenty of ex-pats happy that they can even access the playoffs while they are overseas .At the moment these people are either paying for really expensive cable packages or getting the stream via sopcast .The games will be on demand for a month for the viewers that can access the stream .

Joost is a great platform for sport that can provide all sorts of interactive features and widgets for stats and possibly even betting when live content comes to the platform .

This is a great start for the MLB and Im surprised they went this far ,

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