Brazil Slaughters Sweden In Google Uptime Game


[qi:046]Almost four-fifths of Sweden’s population uses the Internet compared to just over 20 percent of Brazil’s, yet Brazil has beaten Sweden handily on at least one measure: Google availability. Uptime monitoring company Pingdom reports that from Sept. 1, 2006 to Sept. 1, 2007, Brazilians were only without Google (GOOG) for three minutes, while those in Sweden had to go without the popular Internet search giant’s services for almost an hour!

Among other victories, Mexico beat the U.S. (16 minutes compared to 31 minutes), while France edged out the UK (19 minutes to the UK’s 20). The good news for Internet surfers everywhere is that Google achieved greater than 99.9 percent uptime across all monitored web sites, which, Pingdom notes, “has to be considered extremely good, even for a company with the resources of Google.”



Yeah, this is about as interesting as paint drying. My first thought was that you were being paid to keep mentioning pingdom as I think I have seen other posts about this company on the site? scratches head


Maybe Brazil needs a little more attention because the 21% of Brazil population that uses internet are 39 Million compared to just 7,4 Million of internet user from Sweden (the whole Sweden population is 9M )

bye ;)

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